Legal Policy

Along with establishing mental health courts, it would also be necessary to ensure that both juveniles and adults who are having these problems have access to the mental health services that would help them. By providing mental health treatment for those individuals, it allows them to break the cycle and perhaps to work their way back into society with the least problems in place. In addition, it gives them the opportunity to overcome their problems and to see the other side.


One of the problems that is often associated with those who come through the criminal justice system with mental health issues is that they are not treated fairly. The unfair treatment may even be seen as soon as the police involvement but it could last throughout the system and even into the parole system. A Georgetown Lawyer can be very helpful.


In some states, it may be possible to get life without parole but for those with a mental health condition, those cases may need to be overturned. Individuals who are suffering from mental health issues or substance abuse may not benefit fully from this type of a sentence and do not have the opportunity to benefit.

In addition, the insanity defense needs to be available for those individuals who are suffering from these types of problems. Sometimes, it is possible for the mental health condition of the individual to not allow them to understand what they did was wrong. If that is the case, they may be able to be acquitted because of insanity. They can also be given the help that they need for their mental health problems with the case.


The criminal justice system is in place for the benefit of everyone involved. Sometimes, however, there are those who tend to slip through the cracks and that is the case with those who are suffering from mental health issues and substance abuse. By providing them with the help they truly need and not simply pushing them through the system, it helps to benefit everyone.